About Mind Dynamics

A Physicist’s Exploration of the Nature and properties of consciousness

In her latest book, Mind Dynamics in Space and Time, Dr. Rauscher provides convincing scientific evidence for the reality of a wide variety of paranormal phenomena. She also describes in clear and understandable terms, the relationship between the quantum physics of non locality, and the many psychic phenomena which appear to transcend space and time. –

—Russel Targ, Physicist

Mind Dynamics in Space and Time, involves an immense summa by E. A. Rauscher, one of the leading physicists in the 20th Century. Her research into the study of the mind, pushes the envelope of discovery and provides a striking new picture of science through her work with quantum mechanics, spacetime physics, brain function, and consciousness.

—J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D., Ph.D

You together have produced a brilliant textbook for the future.

—Barbara Marx Hubbard, Futurist


Remote Viewing is a Reality

Learn about Rauscher’s famous “Eight Space” theory with illustrations and mathematics clearly presented.

Mind Power is Future Science

Great text for students, scientists and anyone interested in the power of mind operating in the 21st Century.